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Tarbox Announcement Letter

ALL SEASONS COOLING & HEATING, INC.     215 W ROSEWOOD•P.O.BOX 393•ROSE HILL, KS•67133     316.776.0821

The Kansas Cooling Contractors Association, which consists of state-wide HVAC contractors, distributors and vocational academies, desires each …

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Looking For a New POS System?

Square Stand vs. Clover Station

By, Valerie Van Herk
Reprint from Payment Depot Blog, posted April 16th, 2015


A Comparison of the Square Stand to the Clover Station

Wondering how these two POS systems …

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EMV Chip Card

EMV Chips and What They Mean for Your Business

What is EMV?

Named for the three companies that created it – Europay, Mastercard, and Visa – EMV is fraud-reducing technology consisting of a tiny chip embedded in cards that is virtually impossible to counterfeit.  Already …

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