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Masonic Lodge Gives Awards – Exemplary Teacher, Student


Rose Hill High School instructor, Ryan Hill, and senior student, Ali Justice, were recognized Thursday, November. 5 by the Douglass Masonic Lodge No.151 with awards for exemplary leadership and academics.

The Kansas Masonic Foundation, in cooperation with the Grand Lodge of Kansas, launched a new lodge-based program of exemplary teacher and student awards. Local teachers are recognized for their contributions to the community and the future of children. Students receive recognition for their academic accomplishments and leadership skills.

Criteria for consideration include scholarship, leadership and the overcoming of special circumstances. The administrative department of the high school conferred and made the selection which was announced by Principal Shannon Haydock. “Mr.
Hill was selected for his knowledge of subject matter and ability to communicate
to the students on their level as well as being patient with them while doing so,” said Haydock.” He has taken on the co-sponsorship of the TSA/Robotics program as well as assisting with football and baseball. He is not afraid to try new classroom innovations. He is very cooperative.”Ali is the student body president
and a diligent worker in making the school environment positive. She is not afraid to speak publicly and shows leadership in the implementation of new ideas. Ali was also recently chosen for RHHS Senior Citizenship Award as a role model for the school,” said Haydock.

Hill and Justice were presented Exemplary Certificates by District Deputy Grand Master Lowell Brown during a ceremony held in the library. Lodge treasurer Marion Futhey and secretary Carl McGinnis were also present, both of whom are Rose Hill residents.

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