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  • Battling it Out

  • Rose Music Festival

  • Instagram: @flashpointignitesyou

  • Bringing the Inferno to the Masses

  • Bathed in Light

  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser

  • KS State Fair

  • Some music video antics.

  • “Through Blue Eyes” album out now!

In 2013, when Flashpoint began, the founding members had no idea where their musical passions would lead them. All they knew was that the embers within them would never be extinguished. So, with this fire inside, Flashpoint burned through the fields of their music scene in search of the finishing sparks to make their dream a reality and what they found would be explosive.
If Flashpoint were a mixed drink, you might find yourself quickly pulled into an euphoric state from all the potent ingredients. With a blend of driving rock and hooky melodies reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden and Jane’s Addiction. Add a twist of aggression, not unlike Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails. Garnish with a little Progressive Art Rock(Bowie, The Cure or R.E.M), make it a little dirty and there is where you will find Flashpoint.

The incendiary ingredients that make up Flashpoint are as follows:
Joshua (Wah) Naval- A bassist with a fever within him so intense that the discharge from his fingers to the strings will stoke the coals of your musical soul.
Paul Bland- A percussionist who’s emanating heat, if exposed to, will surely light your hearts fire and leave your ears branded by his beats.
Josh Gilbert- The kindling fuel to Flashpoint, his blazing rhythms and leads will stir up even the smallest embers and fan them into a raging bonfire.
Tim Deschaine- Once you have been warmed by the blast of his powerful pipes and the flare of his work on the fret board, you’ll realize that extinguishing Flashpoint is not attainable.

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