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Support the Library Fundraiser!


Fundraiser at Barnes & NobleThe Rose Hill Library would like to expand its collection! You can help raise money for new books! From Saturday, July 30th through Wednesday, August 3rd, a portion of your purchase at Barnes & Noble will be donated to the library. Make sure you mention the library when checking out!

The Rose Hill Library will also be at Barnes & Noble this Saturday, July 30th. At 1:00, come enjoy story time with Cindy! An hour later, there will be special music from LaLena Chastain, and the day will conclude at 3:00 with music trivia. This is the perfect time to stop by and support the local library.

Barnes & Noble is also hosting a Harry Potter release party this Saturday, July 30th starting at 8:00 PM. Come join in the festivities! Your favorite Rose Hill Librarians will be there to celebrate with you!

For more information about the library fundraiser, check out the Rose Hill Library Facebook event.

About Rose Hill Public Library

The Rose Hill Public Library will provide materials and services to help individuals in the City of Rose Hill and the surrounding area and obtain information to meet their recreational, informational, cultural, educational & professional needs. The library will serve as a learning and activities center for all patrons and will make facilities available for local individuals, organizations and agencies to do community work.

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