Thrive! Butler is a relationship-based poverty reduction initiative in Butler County. We offer a free 16-week Getting Ahead course to individuals who are below the poverty line for government assistance. Each week in a safe environment in each one of our locations, we share a meal donated by individuals in the community, church groups, civic organizations or area restaurants. We offer childcare, if needed, so parents care focus on how not to be poor any more. We provide a $10 gift card to help with gas and transportation during our 16-week Getting Ahead meetings. Our Childcare Coordinator includes a brief lesson on topics being discussed by parents during the children’s evening activities.

During those 16-weeks, the participants first help us to understand what it is like to live in poverty. We then focus on helping each participant learn the role they have played in maintaining their own poverty. We help participants develop an understanding of the differences in social classes and the varying perspectives in approaching many life issues. We also guide participants to define education and job goals, spiritual and emotional goals, relationship goals, and physical health and wellness goals.

After graduation the Team Leaders, as are they are now called, are matched with Ally’s, volunteers from the community to accompany them on their journey out of poverty, meeting twice each month for 18-months. Ally's are trained to be good listeners and offering guidance to the Team Leaders in achieving their stated goals.

We are a non-profit initiative that depends on donations and grants from community minded individuals and area businesses and foundations.


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