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December 17, 2020 Executive Board Meeting

Call to Order

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:08 pm.

Members Present

Teressa Hammond, Mia Lee, Gerald Amato, Paige Decker, Ryan Garrison, Andrea Deschaine,
Sharynne Mattingly, Natalie Greenlee (by phone). Excused absence for Lovina Finders.

Treasurer Report

Flagpole check had to be reissued. $365.07 to reimburse Gerald.

Motion to approve by Andrea, 2nd by Mia

Marketing Report

  • Reviewed unopened for email newsletter.
  • It was discussed that Paige will start sharing newsletters on social media.
  • Is texting a subscription we should consider? Tabled.
  • Flagpole flags design to be revised – top the same but the bottom part, make the logo and Chamber of Commerce as wide as possible, filling the bottom space (no need to repeat Rose Hill). Will get a quote for a QTY of 50. 20 to line RH rd, and rest can be resold to members.
  • Business of month flags design – of the two, the first design was chosen, but swap with the colors on
    the second design (red background for body of flag). Will get a quote for a QTY of 2.

Open Discussion

General meeting was postponed to February. Natalie made a motion to approve, Andrea seconded.

Natalie mentioned Karol Ikeda dropped off a packet, and offered to speak. Mia mentioned a possible partnership with SCORE for workshops.

Website refresh: Sharynne made a motion to approve, Andrea seconded.

Annual vote for board members normally occurs in January. Paige to send an email to all members asking for interest. We will add a vote form to the website by January and conduct the vote online. Paige was voted in as a General Board Member.


Meeting adjourned at 1:19 pm


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