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Fueled by Spaghetti Productions, LLC

Congratulations to Fueled by Spaghetti Productions, LLC for being chosen as our October Member of the Month! They are an event, art and entertainment coordinating company. They moved their family to Rose Hill in 2012 and began learning about the community through various activities at the RH Rec Center. They have been a Chamber Member unofficially for 2 years and a silent advisor on various events. They officially joined in the spring of this year! They are involved in several events! This includes the RH Hometown Christmas, RH Fall Festival (Party at the Pond, Market & Craft Fair), they're on the board for Chamber of Commerce, promote for Morning Grit Market, and have brought various elements to the Bloom, specifically the ‘Mums and More’ event with Bloom KS. Past events include the Walk for Kindness, Rose Music Festival, and No One Fights Alone. What is it that they love so much about Rose Hill? “When we first moved to Rose Hill, the town itself made us think of a Hallmark town. The people are real and it's such a tight community. The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” holds very true in this town!”

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  • Saturday Dec 11 9:00 am

    Hometown Christmas

    Greetings from Christmas Land! Bring your family and join us in Rose Hill for another Hometown Christmas.  Hometown Christmas...

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