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Butler County, the largest county in the state of Kansas geographically with an area of 1,428 square miles, is served by a total of nine Butler County Fire Districts, four City Fire Departments, one Cowley County Fire District, one Consolidated Fire District and HollyFrontier Refinery Fire Department in El Dorado.

Butler County, Kansas

Butler County Fire District #3 covers seventy square miles in southwestern Butler County, serving 8000 citizens in the rural areas of Pleasant and Richland Townships and the City of Rose Hill. We have automatic aid agreements with Andover Fire-Rescue to our north, Butler County Fire District #8 to our east and Sedgwick County Fire District #1 to our west, which adds 93 automatic aid square miles to our coverage area.

In an effort to keep service delivery costs within the means of the community, currently a 12 member volunteer contingent is utilized. These volunteers are supported by a career staff of six full-time firefighters (three firefighters, including the Fire Chief, on duty Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm shift and three firefighters on a 24 on duty/48 off duty – A, B, C shift). The District’s organizational philosophy is one of meeting the District mission by the effective use of skilled volunteers supported by a career staff. During weekdays business hours, when volunteers are working, at school, or otherwise not available, the volunteer response group is supplemented by career staff response.

Our ISO rating is: 5 in the City of Rose Hill and a 6/10 in the rural areas of the district (depending on location).

The District responds to an average of 585 alarms annually.

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