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Perspective: What We Are and Why
We sincerely welcome you to the Hodes Veterinary Health Center. A dream we have had for years has come to fruition, and our clients and their animals will benefit enormously.
First we ask you, our clients, to look around. Those that provide every single one of us goods and services, have much in common. They all have clean, spacious, well lit and comfortable facilities. They all have state of the art, up to date equipment to help provide their services. They all have friendly, informed, helpful and competent staff. It is 2017 and the terrific folks of this community deserve fantastic, extraordinary care for their animals. Yes, we say – facilities help provide that.
Now back to this region’s veterinary needs, where we are incredibly proud to offer service to you and your animals. This facility was built for your benefit. This facility will help us do our very best, to help your animals live a great life. This facility will help us provide superb veterinary care and that is our pledge to you; to provide the highest quality, comprehensive, and compassionate care. While no veterinary hospital can be all things to all animals, we will certainly strive to do our best today and even better yet tomorrow.
We thank you for your trust and we welcome you to our dream!
Brian and Jess

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