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Preventive Care Dentistry Digital Radiology (mobile) Digital Ultrasound Nutritional Counseling Ophthalmology Minor Surgery/Anesthesia In House Laboratory Testing Emergency Service


Alpaca and Llama Herd Health Reproduction Infectious Disease Testing (BVD) Investigation/Parasite Control Cria ICU and Hospitalization Minor Field Surgery/Anesthesia Nutritional Counseling Health Papers (state accredited) Lameness Services/Treatment Digital Ultrasound Digital Radiography (mobile) Fully Equipped Mobile Veterinary Unit Herd Disease ​​​​​​​Microchip Placement (HomeAgai


Vaccinations & Preventive Care Dentistry Digital Radiology (mobile) Digital Ultrasound Nutritional Counseling Corrective Farrier Services Ophthalmology Health Papers/Coggins Lameness Services (diagnostics and treatment) Minor Field Surgery/Anesthesia Fully Equipped Mobile Veterinary Unit Reproduction (including artificial insemination) Pre-Purchase/Insurance Examinations In House Laboratory Testing Mobile Stocks Emergency Service

Large Animal/Farm Animal

Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, etc Fully equiped haul-in facilities Ovine/Caprine Herd Health New World Camelid Herd Health Dystocia/C-Section Bovine Reproduction(AI, semen testing, Embryo Transfer) Nutritional Counseling Lameness Services/Treatment Digital Radiography Minor Field Surgery/Anesthesia Bovine Herd Health & Production Medicine Infectious Disease Testing (Trich., BVD, etc) Health Papers (state accredited) Digital Ultrasound ABBI Certified Veterinarian

Small Animal

Medical Care Vaccinations & Preventive Medicine Surgery (soft tissue and orthopedics) Dental Services Dermatology Digital Radiology Digital Ultrasound Behavioral Counseling Canine & Feline Reproduction Microchip Implants On-Site Pharmacy Oncology Allergy Testing In House Laboratory Testing Boarding Nutritional Counseling Ophthalmology Anesthesia (State of the art Monitoring Equipment)

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