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Rose Hill Chamber Board Meeting November 18, 2021

Call to Order

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:08 pm. The meeting was held at Gerald Amato, American Family Insurance Office.

Members Present

Gerald Amato
Natalie Greenlee
Teressa Hammond
Mia Lee
Jessica Minette
Lovina Finders
Andrea Deschaine
Sharynne Mattingly

Approval of Agenda

Motion made by Mia, 2nd by Jessica

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by Mia, 2nd by Jessica

Treasurer Report

Teressa went through the financial report with numbers for Chamber, Hometown Christmas,  and Car show.


Motion to approve by Natalie, 2nd by Sharynne

Marketing Report

New members – none

6 renewing members

Who is the January member of the month?  Doug Mowder is excited to be a member, so might be a good candidate.  Also the Vet (Hodes) might be a good pick. Totally Tammy

December:  Aura Elements

January: Hodes

February: Totally Tammy

March: All Seasons Cooling and Heating

Chamber members – 55

Sponsor on Website:  HTC

Social Media improved this month

Website goes down but because Fall Festival is over, but FB up with reached and engagements.

American State Bank to Equity changes

Went through the stats and demographics

HTC had lots of activity on website and social media


Motion to approve by Teressa, 2nd by Natalie

New Business


1-Recruitment Session- Results:  Lovina did not get to the list, but will try harder.

Ryan sent his list results to Gerald who went through the success of Ryan’s list.

Citizens Bank of Kansas applied as a new member, but he is not showing up on the list.

Natalie – Cute Nails is not interested.

Teressa – not much success, will check emails

Mia – had 5 or 6 renew

Gerald – Jenny got 4 renewals immediately

Went through the closed businesses to update the lists

2-Scholarship Program

Will finish up the process and then need to get the program to the schools.

We should market to the community better.

Lovina will create a flyer for the scholarship program

How do we want to pay out this money for the scholarships.  We need to have a subcommittee to decide the program.      Teressa, Lovina, Gayle, Mia, Jessica

3-Fall Festival- concessions- car show-

Concessions – brought in stack of money $454.50 – need to reconcile the books to pay Proj Grad. this week if possible .  The Chamber wants to give $300 to the Proj Grad.  $267 is a chamber administration fee.

Car Show – Natalie went through all the expenses and income from the Car Show.  $2554.20 profit with the Chamber keeping the $1,000 starting monies back into the account.

Gerald suggested buying a hot dog cart for the Chamber events. Hot dog cart discussion – expense, storage, cleaning and certifying it as a food provider.  Which started a discussion about storage: do we want to combine organization stuff into a storage unit where everyone can keep and share our combined stuff.  Going to ask some of our members, especially if they can donate a unit.  Mia will ask Webster’s storage.

Natalie has a short list of expenses that she needs to purchase. Mia motioned to buy account checks, 2nd Andrea.

Sheridan Warren donated $425 so far to the car show as a memorial fund.

4-Shop Local – any updates?  Sharynne will update us next month.  Postponing until new year.

5-Mixers – library in the spring

6-Ribbon Cutting for Andover body Shop (The Andover Chamber of Commerce is doing a ribbon cutting on 12/01/2021 at 11:30 Am.  The owner reached out and asked if we would be able to do a ribbon cutting on the same day. – Other businesses are wanting to have ribbon cuttings also. Try to do Perfect Imperfections, Totally Tammys, ribbon cutting at the Perf Imper mixer.

7- Next General Meeting – January 20, 2022.  Think about a speaker.  Gayle?  Caterer?   Twisted Kitchen? backup Happy House.  Advertise in the RHRC Program Guide.  Motion – Natalie; 2nd Jessica

order a raised embossed stamp seal for the Chamber Bucks and going forward, official, no copies of chamber bucks, with a logged spreadsheet to track them.  Motion to buy stamp and paper – Lovina 2nd Andrea

Chamber Bucks to HTC – $100 motion by Natalie, 2nd Lovina

Chamber Bucks donation to HTC – motion Teressa for


Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm


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