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Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, August 18, 2022

Call to Order

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:02 pm. The meeting was held at Gerald Amato, American Family Insurance Office.

Members Present

Gerald Amato
Natalie Greenlee (on the phone
Teressa Hammond
Mia Lee
Jessica Minette
Lovina Finders
Gayle Tenbrook
Ross Chappell (on the phone)

Approval of Agenda

Motion made by GT, 2nd by ML

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by , 2nd by

Treasurer Report

$5,044 in General Account

$1,948 in Car Show

$8,726 in CD

Loss $-1,793 YTD (still have $800 in Paypal that has not been moved into bank account)

Send out notice of new fee of $125 annual for next year to encourage people to renew. First time of an increase in the history of the Chamber.

Motion to approve by LF, 2nd by RC

Marketing Report

August 2022 Chamber Marketing Report

Member of the month:

September – Fire Dept

October – Landis Concrete

November – Hometown Christmas

December – Senior Center

January – Kountry Kitchen

February – Koala Tee

March- Happy House

New Business

New Business:

Old Business follow up:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield – we will reach out to BCBS to see if they have had any responses
  2. Tailgate Party update and discussion – trying to do a Red and White night, AD wasn’t interested as they already have a similar event.
  3. Chamber By-Law revision –  Natalie: General Membership – revisions
    1. Article 3 – Ross and Gayle Section 3, still 3 times a year? Special meetings? collective or single clarification; also, keep time frame for requests. Quarum stay as is? Voting, including electronic; simplify the by-law wording
    2. Article 1 and 2 – Natalie: Article 1 stays as is; Article 2 should say membership dues set by exec board and can be worked on and changed from year to year. Last sentence – removing members and may not re-apply for one year. can appeal after 1 year. Identify the terms of the appeal and what their status is during the appeal. “By vote of Exec board  …. ” we need to have new wording, clearer language.
    3. Article 4 is Lovina and will be tabled till next meeting
    4. Article 5 is Andrea and she has no changes
    5. Article 7 Theressa – all looks good, strike fidelity bond requirement for the Treasurer. We should keep it in there as protection as we are a non-profit, per Gerald. Need to add: Treasurer responsible for filing all state and federal tax requirements annually;  Recommends the bank statement reconciliation have a 2nd initialer/signer as a check/balance. provide bank statements during the monthly meeting (under Maintenance and Inspection of …)
    6. Article 8 does not exist. Looks like it was never created in the first place.
    7. No changes made for Article 9 & 10.
  4. 9-11 Memorial Discussion   NG motioned to donate 10 – $5 Chamber Bucks ML-Second




Meeting adjourned at 1:01 pm


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