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Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, June 16, 2022

Call to Order

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:00 pm. The meeting was held at Gerald Amato, American Family Ins Office.

Members Present

Gerald Amato
Natalie Greenlee
Teressa Hammond
Lovina Finders
Gayle Tenbrook
Kelsey Lewis
Andrea Deschaine
Ross Chappell

Approval of Agenda

Motion made by NG, 2nd by GT

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by NG, 2nd by GT

Marketing Report

June 2022 Chamber Marketing Report

New Business

Old Business follow-up:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield – Press Release for the Chamber/BCBS Insurance Plan. We need a quotation to include in the press release. We edited the press release. Reviewed the requirements and benefits of the program. We would like to present this to the General Chamber members on July 14, 2022. Publish on all social media the “Newsletter/Article/Website” announcement. Reiterate the time line for signing up. The key date is August 1st for employers to complete the “Interest Survey” Remind that you can back out of the survey, but you cannot add after the deadlines.
  2. General Meeting 07/21 – move the date or move the location? BCBS can attend the July 14 meeting, so we will move the date and have the location to the Equity Bank Community Room. The new General Meeting date is July 14, 2022. We want to invite non-members to come to learn about the BCBS. “If you are not a current member but are considering joining, please join us on July 14.” Kountry Kitchen will be catering. 25-30 people. Create a list of talking points for each of the board members to explain exciting chamber events.
  3. Tailgate Party update and discussion – nervous about doing the tailgate in conjunction with the normal football tailgate parents. We would like to set up inside the stadium in the concrete concession area. This would allow more time and exposure to the vendors getting in front of more of the community. Natalie will talk to the AD about such an event. “Rose Hill Red and White Night sponsored by Chamber of Commerce”, and model after Friday Night Lights. No charge, 10+ vendors with booths. Usually the Friday before the first home football game.
  4. Home-based business recruitment – Mandy reached out to Teressa about when the next meeting is so she can come see about joining. The upcoming RH Events (FF and HTC) will attract a lot of home business.
  5. Chamber ByLaws assignments –  to modify, do we need to modify the entire ByLaw or can we do sections only.
  6. Chamber Dues

New Business:

❖     Ideas to increase Chamber Participation was tabled as we ran out of time.


Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm


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