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Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting March 31, 2022

Call to Order

The Executive Board Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:00 pm. The meeting was held at American Family Insurance Office.

Members Present

Gerald Amato
Natalie Greenlee
Teressa Hammond
Mia Lee
Jessica Minette
Lovina Finders
Kelsey Lewis
Ross Chappell

Approval of Agenda

Motion made by , 2nd by

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by , 2nd by

Treasurer Report

Reviewed activity.

Teressa presented a proposed budget for 2022

There is not a realistic method of estimating income. We will have more income than reflected on the income portion, we are just not sure where.


Motion to approve by RC, 2nd by NG

Marketing Report

New member: Advena

Expired: 4 members who are expiring and different members will bre reaching out to them to see if they are interested in renewing.

Current Member of the Month:  Doug Mowder

April Member of the Month: Websters Storage

May Member of the Month: Morning Grit Farm

June Member of the Month: Rose Hill Recreation Committee

July Member of the Month: Advena Fountainview

August Member of the Month: Viking

Fire Department will be Member of the Month for September.

Potential new members:

Kountry Kitchen

Blend Nutrition

Constant Contact as a general email app instead of monkey

Social Media was active and positive

Reviewed activity on the web and social media

Jessica would like to enter us on LinkDIn, all thought was a great idea. Perceived as a missed opportunity to reach businesses.





New Business

Approval of Minutes

Chamber members met with other city chamber members. Very successful meeting.

Can we make a video of what our Chamber provides. With snippets of testimonials from members, etc. Requested a quotation from Lee Media for a video. We are all to be thinking about content.

Motion to allow price of $500 by LF; 2nd by RC. passed unanimously.

Chamber membership $100 annual fee, has not changed since 1990. We need to think  about raising the annual fees.

Old Business follow up:

  1. Updates from the Scholarship sub committee  –  Insure deadline by April 15
  2. Storage unit discussion results and final vote – do we want to eliminate the idea — yes
  3. Chamber Bucks – did we get the paper purchased? Did we create a spreadsheet created for tracking? – Suggested to make a watermark on the paper directly. done.
  4. Mixer for starting 2022 sponsored by the Chamber – Does the Chamber want to do their own mixer? Natalie wanted to do the football stadium tailgate idea, instead of a traditional mixer. Moved to next meeting until time.
  5. School Staff appreciation results – went great.

New Business:

❖    Chamber Dinner – Jen Mann will be great speaker.

❖    Presentation from Kelsey of ideas to partner with the schools

❖    Rewriting of the Bylaws

❖    911 Memorial ideas

❖    Home Based business recruitment

❖    March 9th chambers board of directors’ mixer

❖   Mixers


Open discussion





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