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Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce General Meeting Jan 20, 2022

Call to Order

The General Meeting was called to order by Gerald Amato at 12:06 pm. The meeting was held at RHRC Gym.

Members Present

Gerald Amato
Natalie Greenlee
Teressa Hammond
Vernon Hammond
Mia Lee
Jessica Minette
Lovina Finders
Gayle Tenbrook
Trudi Mankins
Jason Jones
Doug Mowder
Ashley Mowder
Carol Richards
Ross Chappell
Sharynne Mattingly
Joe Cowell
Sarah Madden
Kevin Webster
Tami May
Cody O'Bannon
Kelsey Lewis
Debbie Evert
Andrea Deschaine
Warren Porter
Mark O'Bryan

Approval of Minutes

Motion made by LF, 2nd by NG

Treasurer Report

No Treasurer’s Report at General Meeting

Marketing Report

Member of the Month

  • January = Hodes Veterinary Health Center
  • February = Totally Tami’s
  • March = All Seasons Cooling and Heating

Upcoming Events

Sponsorship Opportunity

Social Media successes

  • Website stats
  • Google My Business

New Business

Introductions of Members with a highlight on those running for Board Positions.

Voting Ballots passed out

Guest Speaker:  Sarah Madden, Office Manager of Butler Electric and Velocity Coops

  • XP Family Support Group
  • Butler – local rural utility
  • Velocity Internet Services
  • Economic Development Loans
  • Youth Tour Scholarship
  • Lineman School Scholarship

New Business:

  • Trudi Mankins – School Staff Appreciation
  • Announcement of 2022 Board Members
  • Chamber Dinner in April


Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm


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