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Chamber Rolls Out New Invoicing System


Changes are coming in the way the Rose Hill Chamber is handling its memberships. Starting this year, memberships will renew on a fiscal year, rather than renewing on January 1. This means all members will have a membership good for one whole year instead of it ending at the end of the year regardless of their start date.

Through a partnership with Lee Media Group, the web service FreshBooks has agreed to provide a free, online, automated invoicing system.  Current members will be emailed a renewal invoice that will allow them to pay online with a card or they can mail a check to the Chamber.

New members registering online can pay once through the website to join or request an invoice. Through this system, the renewal date for the member would be one year after their first payment.

Additional services like website sponsorships will also be invoiced through Freshbooks.

For questions or comments, please contact the chamber at

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