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Advena Living at Fountainview offers assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in Rose Hill, KS.

Our innovative model of quality care and services are centered around the needs and preferences of each community member.

If your goal is to get stronger and return home, we will make that our goal too. We provide in-house therapy services and specialize in return-to-home plans.

If you need assistance with routine activities on a daily basis and Advena Living at Fountainview becomes your new home, we will work hard to make you feel comfortable, cared for and happy.

We aim to be more than a traditional nursing home. It is part of our guiding philosophy that each community member gets to live how they want, on their own schedule, and is able to maintain those special daily pleasures, rituals and traditions that make them who they are.

Advena Living is a family-owned company based in Manhattan, KS with seven communities across the state. Our name, “Advena” means newcomer in Latin. We welcome newcomers seeking a senior living environment where they may continue to enjoy a full life, as well as new team members looking for a rewarding career.

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