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Our roots are in Kansas. Originally a small-town community bank, Vintage Bank Kansas is built on a philosophy that is deeper than mere customer service. It is about getting to know our clients, understanding their business, anticipating their banking needs and recognizing people as individuals and neighbors, not an account number. It is a philosophy that we have held dear for over 100 years.

Our bank charter is dated 1902, beginning as The State Bank of Leon. On January 1, 2011, Wink Hartman, his wife Libba Hartman of Rose Hill, KS, and Steve Worrell originally from Leon, KS, purchased The State Bank of Leon and with the idea to provide small communities with a technology driven financial institution that would continue to operate as they always have, as a local community bank. They knew they needed to grow to do accomplish this so they renamed the bank Vintage Bank Kansas on January 1, 2012, and began to look for other small communities they could become a part of.

As a financial institution Vintage Bank Kansas offers all types of financial services to both individual and business community members. Those services are similar to all financial institutions as they include deposit and loan products, however Vintage Bank Kansas offers those that are enhanced through state-of-the-art technology but still with personalized service. Customers can conduct business from their phones or computers at home while visiting face to face with one of our customer service representatives or walk into a branch and sit down and visit face to face. We offer payment and money transfer systems that are also technology driven such as person to person payments, mobile deposit, and coming soon, on the spot personal loans from your phone or computer available in minutes. All of those things can still also be done face to face. And the amazing news in today’s environment… during regular business hours, our President Steve says, “your phone call will always be answered by a human who is ready to help with whatever you need.”!

We have had a branch in Rose Hill for only a year and a half, however, we have been a part of the community through our owners, The Hartman’s and through several employees who have lived in Rose Hill for years. We joined the Rose Hill Chamber at the same time we opened our branch in May of 2021.

Even before we had a branch in Rose Hill, we have been part of the community. We have had an arrangement with one of our employees, to work around her schedule and take time off as needed to help coach the local Rose Hill High School Rockets Girls Soccer Team. Vintage Bank Kansas has sponsored and hosted the Photography Contest as part of the Rose Hill Fall Festival for the last two years. We hope to become even more involved as our partnerships in the community continue to grow.

One of the best parts of being a team member at Vintage Bank Kansas is the philosophy that we get to be a part of the community we work in. To know our customers as neighbors and friends. To make it up to school or over to the church on a long lunch hour to help our children or friends during the workday if we need to. We also have a positive work / life balance being a team member at Vintage Bank Kansas. We enjoy going to work every day and working with a group of people that are positive, hard-working, and kind and who help create a similar culture for our customers.

We are excited to be a part of the Rose Hill community because it is the perfect size. Large enough to have everything you need to live, work, volunteer, go to school and worship. Small enough to know those people you get to live, work, volunteer, go to school and worship next to. As a business, we would like to continue to grow our Rose Hill customer base by serving individuals, small businesses, and civic entities with financial services through personal community interaction but with the same technology and product offerings as large banks. We hope to do that through our continued and expanded relationship with the Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce as they are the bond that brings business owners together and supports the entire Rose Hill community. It had been fun and exciting getting to know other Chamber members and to learn how their paths fit into the future of Rose Hill.

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