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Lee Media Group provides a full range of marketing services to ensure your message is consistent throughout your website, social media channels, online advertising campaigns and print collateral.  Our team is happy to share or combine our super powers with others and do what it takes to make you successful.


With an extensive background in education, we believe that training is a key service that should always be available should our clients decide that they’d rather learn and take over than have Lee Media Group do the work for them.Whether we’ve built you a custom website, created a marketing or social media campaign, or online paid advertising campaign – we can teach you how to manage content and strategy should you decide you’d like to take the reigns.

Social Media

Popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest are excellent platforms not just for listening, but for talking to your customers, increasing brand awareness and are strategic vehicles in driving traffic to your website. Social media is a job in itself – our job.We can integrate social media marketing directly into your website and also help you manage the content. We can show you how to grow your followers organically, build successful campaigns, use features like Facebook analytics to monitor and grow your audience, and create paid advertising campaigns tailored to your budget with Facebook Ads. In addition to the services we provide, our collection of Facebook training videos will help you establish a successful social media presence.

Creative Design

Lee Media Group incorporates creative marketing strategies, not only through building custom websites, but by also providing a multitude of other marketing services including SEO-centric content creation, photography, graphic design, social media campaigns and even video brochures to reflect the culture of our client.We also provide more traditional marketing services such as branding, direct mail campaigns, integrated marketing campaigns, print collateral design (banners, brochures, business cards, invitations) and media buying for billboards, radio and television. We believe there is no restriction on creativity and we love to surprise our clients by bringing their ideas to life, reaching business goals together.

Web Services

First impressions are important and your website is a direct reflection of your company. Without a well designed and functional website presence, your business really doesn’t even exist in the online world. Because we do not specialize in one industry, we are able to customize the work we do for each client without form fitting businesses into similar designs or template-type websites. Your custom website is tailored to your business wants and needs, so you can noticeably stand apart from your competition

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