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As a working owner, Mia establishes creative direction for all projects. She leads our team by meeting with clients, crafting compelling campaigns, monitoring workflow, and managing the day-to-day operations. Known online as, “webbiegirl,” Mia is a digital diva, educator and longtime business owner. Expanding Lee Media Group and establishing a physical location in Rose Hill, Kansas has been the culmination of hard work, dedication and innovation. She prides herself on offering the same ideals to her customers, every single day.


Tabytha leads our team in the programming and database functionality required to build custom websites. She specializes in creating custom web apps using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, jQuery/Javascript and other programming languages as needed. In addition to writing secure code, and handling sensitive data, she’s also a Photoshop ninja. Tabytha is a vital member of our team, and we’re continually amazed by her talent.


Browser is the office dog who keeps an eye on the office and enjoys playing with both Ellie and Cosmo.


Julie is the driving force behind all creative content that goes into various marketing platforms. She conducts market research and client interviews to best understand goals, tone, features to highlight, and keywords. As our creative writer and word genius, she researches, writes, and manages website content rich in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using WordPress. She implements SEO tracking campaigns against client competitors , which also includes changing writing styles and tones with a consistent, fresh perspective for clients of all industries. She is a self-proclaimed “word nerd,” who probably posts too many pictures on social media of her dog, Luna.

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